Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 5 and 6: Fufu and Mark

Sorry for the long break but we've been really taking our sweet time here, not having checked our emails for a week hehe. But anyways, we started our 5th day here with yummy pineapple nutella sandwiches. Pineapples here are amazing to say the least...
We worked mostly at Kwasi-doi, one of 6 latrine sites in Obodan and its satellite villages, but without going into too many details, this site has been the slowest going. There are hella rocks in the pit and they find them too hard to dig through. What has been fun about this village though is this one mother who makes fufu for us, basically mashed casava, and even had us try it out. We also enjoy sugar cane when we get the chance. It's like gum cause you chew it but it doesn't last nearly as long, but it is quite juicy.
We also kept up with progress at the incomplete second pilot latrine, it still needs a floor slab and the superstructure, but it looks great. Nice plastered walls and everything...
Today we also seemed to have more time to chill because me and mike ended up playing... bamboo baseball on the soccer field in front of the school. The kids are just way too active for us haha.

Well the sixth day we had to start thinking about how we were going to meet the doctors for tomorrow, the 27th, but it ended up going very well as you will read about! Today we actually spent a lot of time in Accra. But first we had to make sure the villages were molding blocks and everything. It's actually a really quick process, they mix cement and sand and only a little bit of water then put it in this block mold and make sure it's all compact, then dump it in rows and let them dry. Quite cool. Plus it's less expensive and clearly more fun than buying blocks!
Anyways, we were in Accra most of the day too getting money for materials, etc., but it was interesting seeing the city life of Ghana.
There are still people selling stuff on the streets like in the villages but just much more densely populated, and crazy. We even have a private taxi guy who's been around since Steve Forbes rode with him, his name's Mark and he's awesome. He's only like 28 or so. But anyways, we saw a bunch of sites just driving around, and we met the Queen mother of the Nsawam region and even chilled at her place for a bit to chat and have soda :) We just made sure she would be in Obodan for the doctor's visit!

Well, again sorry about the delay in updates, but this is only the third or fourth time we've had access to blogspot...

Eric, Mira, Mike

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  1. omgsh pineapple and nutella sandwich. must try that

    block process sounds handy/neat!