Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 9 and 10: Bros and Hoes

Well hello again, this is our shout out from the ninth and tenth days of the trip. Important events included: Mike pick-axing, Eric hoe-ing on the side (of the pit), serious table-topping from all sides, a 3 - 1 current tally of wrestling victories to Mike over the great Sammy Gamson himself, sweet concrete-pouring in western Obodan, an absolutely delicious dinner of home-cooked rice, eggs and pepper sauce made mostly by Mira, and financial clarity (at least on paper).

The next day began when we finally decided to leave our room at the extra late time of 8am, only to find out that Sammy Gamson had been setting up workers for over 2 hours. Our first stop was in Obodan where we led a massive block carrying campaign with the help of eager children. Yes, cement/dirt blocks are very heavy and yes the kids are much better at it than we are, but we did our best! Kwasi Doi came was our next stop where we again aided in the digging process.

Skip to tonight and we spent the night in Fotobi and some Don Garcia magically appeared and tempted us to drink it. Which of course led to Mike and Sammy arm wrestling.

Well that's alsadbdf aiabmasd aawa *drool*

Eric, Mike, Mira, Marta (the 3 muskebeers)

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