Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 24+: The Weekend+

On Saturday we took longer than usual to get started for the day, which worked out perfectly because Winnie came to greet us instead. We took her around to the sites to talk specifics about the project that we had only glossed over when she came with Benard. After visiting the project sites, we returned to Obodan and held a meeting for the children and a few mothers of the village. We first demonstrated proper tooth-brushing and flossing technique with the help of Winnie speaking in Twi. Then we proceeded to present the children with toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss which caused great excitement. In retrospect we really didn't plan that part out well so it turned chaotic for some time, but in the end it worked out well and the children went home excited to use their new things. The rest of the day consisted of more work on the sites when Winnie left and we finished watching The Two Towers sometime in the afternoon. For dinner Sammy wanted to take us to a nice restaurant where we could play pool, but it turned out that the place didn't have a pool table anymore and wasn't currently a restaurant either, just a bar. The owner was able to accommodate us in the end and although we needed to wait a long time for the food, we were provided with the most delicious chicken and rice we've had on this trip (I think it was even better than what we had at the Golden Tulip place where we first met Amadei). At the restaurant we spoke to three other pre-med Obronis currently working at the Nsawam hospital for a few weeks. They chose Nsawam on a whim, but were having a good time despite not enjoying the local food all too much. We arrived back in Obodan late, but not too late for a movie...

We then finished The Return of the King sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning, with roosters actually crowing while Frodo and Sam are at Mt. Doom.

Seeing as time is short at the internet cafe, I'm going to quickly gloss over the exciting events of the past few days. On Sunday we danced at a funeral party held in Obodan which was awkward throughout, but lots of fun nonetheless. Mean Girls! We also taught Matthew how to play spa...strange seeing how we taught him a Ghanaian card game. Monday brought us to Sammy's farm as he harvested more pineapples. We waited a long time at Blue Skies, though we enjoyed ourselves as we watched an interesting TV show and read some ridiculous articles in the daily newspaper. Suraj and Ben got pretty sweet haircuts that the kids have been all over. Bought lots of roofing material and found out that we can actually use an ATM in Nsawam, which is a heck of a lot closer than Accra is! The sites are moving along well and should be nearing completion soon. Peace!

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  1. Ooh I almost forgot yea we wanted to bring dental hygiene over there too. Glad they like it! I wonder if health will be a big part of our work there in the future..

    lol i see u guys are watching a lot more movies too! i like it