Friday, February 25, 2011

See you on TV!

Yes... we're going to be on PBS! Thank you for your votes and support! You'll be seeing us on PBS's Earth Day Special airing April 8th (details to come later).

But here's the video anyway!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

PBS Planet Forward!

Hello everyone! Thanks to a very productive assessment trip by Mike, Suraj and Garrison, a discussion with our advisor Professor Chandran, and hard work from our team members, our project is really being propelled in a good direction!

We just finished making a video that summarizes what we're up to now, it can be viewed at :

We are in the running for PBS's Planet Forward program in which some of the best ideas on energy innovation will be aired.  The above link is our page on the Planet Forward website, and in order to get on the show, we need your help! Go to the page, watch the video, and scroll down and click "viable" if you think our idea is viable ("Will this idea actually work? Is this a scalable, cost-effective solution to solving our climate and energy problems?").

If we have enough viability votes, we'll be selected as a nominee, and then the world can start voting for our video to be on TV.  Nomination ends this Friday, and then voting will begin after that. 

Voting and national television aside, this idea really can make an impact in developing communities... so check out or video and let us know what you think. Enjoy!