Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 4: Pineapple on a stick...and other wicked cool foods from Sunday 7/24

Each day is twice as long as we are used to and for that we aregrateful! Today was community labor day so all adult villagers wererequired to work on community projects (sort of like taxes except waymore interesting). Now we're sitting down on stomachs full of chickenand fufu dinners and we can finally rest from a tiring and excitingday. Almost every pit was worked on with many diggers, including Mike,taking turns.

Much progress has been made on the latrine pits andwe're ready to move on to the next steps in the building process. Toour surprise when community labor ended, it wasn't even noon. We hungout in the school field, playing with all the children who never seemto run out of any energy...ever. I have a feeling that we will wake upslightly sore tomorrow from that well-worth-it workout. When thethree of us needed a serious break, we went to Faustina's home wherewe were treated to a home-cooked meal of cocoyams (idk if i spelledthat right but they're a pink yam-like food) with a delicious peppersauce. We also learned a lot of Twi from her because we have built upa wide variety of questions about the language and culture that neededexplanation (one village's name translates to "monkey forest" andObodan translates to "huge stone home/room" based on an ancientstory).

Next on our agenda, PINEAPPLE ON A STICK!!! We followedFaustina to her farm while Sammy sorted out an accident with the sandtruck and we ended up eating about 8 pineapples out there. They weresmaller than normal and therefore left behind but no less delicious.The best pineapple cutter was Angel, a girl that came with us who'sonly about 11 years old. Dinner came in Nsawam where Eric and Miratried fufu for the first time. It seems as though every food we try isbetter than the last and we're hoping to find/make some equivalentswhen we get back home. Pictures to come soon, we didn't have time toupload them yet.

Till next time, I'm Mike Wazowski, I'm Miriam and I'mDP. Peace out from Ghana!

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