Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 7 and 8: Doctors and Masters

Today the doctors came omg! It was great, we met Amelia, her husband Cyril, and Joseph. So we set up shop right outside school and started preparing index cards for each person, with a place to put their name, age, village, then sections for their heart rate, height, weight, blood sugar, etc., while we set up the stations at the same time. People started coming around 7:30 ish and the doctors started seeing people around 8:00pm. In total around 100 or so people came! Mostly middle age to older women and men. Mike and Mira even helped with taking down their height and weight so it was a full team effort. And the Queen Mother of Nsawam even came and said hi!
Anyways, we successfully poured concrete today in the north villages. Anyways, I include a picture of one of the villagers because he's hilarious. His english is only so so but he's just a character. He enjoys drinking which is why we always think he's drunk whenever he talks, but he is just really friendly. That's why the north village is one of our favorites, one because of this guy, another because they work really fast.
Tonight we again ate and drank at Fotobi and even learned how Sammy met his wife. It's a great story for another time :)

Today we met MARTA! Well first we had to go to Accra again. It was mindblowing really, after being in a village for a week it is kind of amazing to see not only other Obrunis (white ppl) but also civilization lol. We had yummy chicken sandwiches too.... double chicken sandwiches. Marta's great too. She's here to document the latrine construction process and how the community interacts with each other during construction. She's more an architecture urban design person so its cool seeing what she's done before in relation to construction in Italy (where she's from). We also bought groceries at a Shoprite today, and even looked at cribs for Sammy's newborn aw. We hope to make lotsa Ghanaian food in the coming days.
Then we saw Sammy's farm! Hella pineapples in every direction holy s***. They were unfortunately not ready to harvest yet lol but whatever.

Hopefully we'll get online soon because we are not doing these blogposts justice. at all.

See ya'll later,
Eric, M^3

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