Friday, August 5, 2011

Days 15 and 16: Me Boh Eh Soom Thre Thre

Ah so today was a good day to wash our clothes. Not much to do initially in the morning so we had time. Too bad it rained later in the day while our clothes were line drying. Note to self: bring a line next trip so we can dry our clothes at our place rather than hang them up at Faustina's... Anyways, the rebar/steel bender came by today and he agreed to do one floor latrine per day. And then we went over to Kwasi-doi again to this time make sure the plastering was getting done on the substructure. The kids we noticed, in this area, are much more... outgoing. They'd get into random arguments and would just gather around the pit and chat. I asked James what they were arguing about, because James was the instigator of the argument in the first place, and he had said that they were going to put chickens in the bottom of the latrine, or something ridiculous like that. And then the Kwasi-doi kids got angry at James (who's from Obodan) and they would start arguing. They're like 10-12 years old and it's great! I guess it was pretty enjoyable to have them around. For lunch we took a break and ate some Muslim food, it was like rice and beans and some spicy ingredients, and it was quite tasty. We also got "sugar bread" later which is just sweeter-than-normal bread, plus we got a discount (and thus a larger loaf of bread) cause the driver of the bakery van liked Mira.

Also since the rebar was finished too, we helped with pouring concrete onto it to make the floor slab. Can't wait to see the finished product! We had some good food for dinner again too, Mira made her rice and spicy sauce and egg combo while Marta and Anjali made a non-spicy version with rice and tomato and egg. It was goood. We also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. LOL

Day 16:

Today we saw the finished concrete slab so we plan to start building the superstructure today. But it is still not 100% cured so we won't lay too many layers of superstructure. We took the second team to see the pilot source-separated latrine from last summer and hung out there a little bit, and it wasn't smelly at all! Looks like it was working yay! I tried hiding in the latrine to scare the team, and Mike would tell me when they were coming, so I sat on the toilet (cover down of course) and then Anjali opens the door and I'm like Ah Anjali, close the door, I'm using it. I think she said she was pretty startled. Nice. And the kids who were hanging around Ben kept saying to each other "Me boh eh soom thre thre" which means "I slap you three times" even though three in Twi is "ebiesa" they just shortened three to "threh." No slapping was actually done but it was just fun to say. Ben's got the phrase down.

So then after a few more sites got their concrete, Eric, Mira, Mike, and Marta went with Sammy to Accra to run some errands and most of all to buy souvenirs in this indoor outdoor market. They literally bombard you and shake your hand and ask you to buy their things. And most of them were selling the same stuff too, Ghanaian shirts, jewelry, wooden sculptures and masks, etc. Mike almost got a free painting for a piece of gum; unfortunately the package was soggy from the rain that day or else we woulda got a free painting! We all bought a few things and turns out Marta's really good at haggling. Tonight we had instant noodles, instant macaroni, and instant pasta for dinner. Yesss. I also think tonight was Lion King night.

Me boh eh soom thre thre,
Eric, Mira, Mike, Marta, and Faction 2

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