Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 2: Blockheads

Today is the first full day we are in Obodan! We slept kinda late watching HP and the Philosopher's Stone...but we did enjoy bread from the local village Fotobi and played frisbee til Sammy had to pick us up to go to Obodan. We looked at the substructure of the second pilot latrine but it needed more blocks for it to be completed. So surprisingly, we all carried blocks from across the road to the site. I think my head is still slightly sore but it was fun, especially since the kids kept saying Obruni and kinda laughing at us. lool. Not only that, we saw how strong the villager's heads really were. Some people were carrying two on their heads. =O After that we chilled with the kids at school, and although we were going to live at the teacher's quarters, we ended up sleeping in the administrative building's conference room that night. The kids enjoy grabbing...

Since Sammy couldn't always be around, we decided to look at some pits ourselves, measuring them and whatnot, even digging a little bit (they did leave the pick axes and shovels there...) When we got hungry we went to the center of Obodan and bought some bags of rice filled with a spicy red orange sauce that has some vegetables in it, then she put a hardboiled egg in it as well. A good thing to note about food in Obodan is that it comes in a bag. Always. Water? Bag. Ice cream? Bag. Rice and egg? Bag.

Anyways, after we were full, we had to talk to Sammy about the money situation. It seems that funds weren't transferring. So we had to wing it a bit. But it is still going rather smoothly; Sammy brings us to the digging sites as motivation! We are also taking lots of videos to aid in Marta's documentary. Some of the measurements are a bit off but we will be able to manage. And at night we again ate at Sammy's favorite bar in Fotobi and had some drinks and chicken and rice!

I guess that's all for now, hope you enjoy the pictures! I included some from our trip over!
-Eric, M&M

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