Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 3: Circle Rainbow Across the Sky

This morning Mira and Eric did laundry by hand using buckets of waterand soap. The local children were eager to help by fetching water andwringing out our clothes.
The central Obodan substructure was completed and a mason began workingon plastering the inner walls of the pit with cement.The northern satellite village (Akwakupom or Monkey Forest) had acompleted pit that was longer and deeper than specified in thedesigns. The extra length accounted for room around which the masonsneeded to work, but the extra depth posed questions for the structuralintegrity and ability to access at the side. Akwakupom also hastrouble with water distribution and have been getting their water froma nearby stream that looks quite dirty.

On the way to the villages we saw a circle rainbow. CIRCLE RAINBOW. Itwent around and around the sun. MIND BLOWING. CIRCLE. RAINBOW.
The eastern Obodan (Alatta) pit has been dug more but we have yet tosee anyone actively digging it. It needs to be deeper; the length andwidth are fine.At the eastern satellite village (Kwasi Doi) Mira played Waving Flagon the ukulele and Mike and Eric sang along. Some villagers danced.Most knew the song from the world cup. It was a heartwarming moment. Also on the way back Mira got her hair braided by some local women whothought her hair was fake.We showed our Waste to Power video to Sammy who respondedenthusiastically. His sister brought us dinner, corn paste (banku) and fishsoup, homemade. Always delicious.
That's it for today. XOXO.Eric, Mike, and Mira


  1. WOAH CIRCLE RAINBOW!!! CIRCLE RAINBOWW! AND YOU GUYS GOT A PICTURE OF ITTWAAAOHH so that's not even like.. a sunglare spot kind of rainbow

    hangon.. Mira is your hair BRAIDED?! that's freaking awesome!