Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arrival in Ghana! Day 1

Hello everyone,

We arrived in Accra unscathed and ready to EWB! We met Sammy, our village contact and assemblyman/mayor
Of Obodan at 6am Ghana time this morning (right now its almost 6pm) and drove out of Accra, to Nsawam, and finally to Obodan. This
won't be a very long post cuz we're typing from Sammy's phone. Pics definitely to come! But so far we've
visited latrine sites with Sammy and met local chiefs along the way. We've enjoyed the company of a
student from umass-amherst during our travels (she enjoys rugby), jack daniels chocolate, satchet
water, and fruit snacks..

Til next time!
Mah joh (good afternoon) from Obodan,
Eric, Mira, Mike

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