Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trunking among other things

So today marks our first week in Ghana and we have accomplished quite a bit regarding our water distribution system. For sure we are going to have a lot of work to do over the next year finalizing the design for implementation Summer 2013. Today we attended the Obodan Water Community meeting talking to the members about what they wanted from a water system in the village and how they would keep themselves accountable for the collecting money for maintenance and operation. We have stressed to them how important it is that they spend time maintaining the system as it will eventually fail and they will need to be able to afford to fix the it themselves.

After the meeting we spent traveled to Nsawam for dinner originally intending on going to McDonalds *not the golden arches but after getting our food the waiter told us that there was not food. Upon such information we found ourselves wandering around the village searching for a not too sketchy restaurant too feed ourselves. WE found one on the way to the internet cafe where we were served a warmed up plate of rice and fried chicken.

Returning to Nsawam we got ourselves a ride in a taxi, which when smoothly until we got to Obodan and got out and saw a man had hopped out of the trunk which he had been in the entire time. It was the guy who had bartered with us originally, apparently it is common practice. They offered themselves to be our private drivers and we got there numbers and went to the house.

We got ready for bed and went to sleep.

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