Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting down on friday-ay

Day 11 (Friday)

As our schedule of tasks becomes smaller, our day was a bit more relaxed than previous days. We spent the morning discussing the best way to approach Obodan's successful maintenance of a water system, which we will discuss with village elders tomorrow. At around midday, we divided our tasks between us. Tony and I, with a great deal of help from Phillip, a villager, surveyed our two best proposed pipeline paths, surveyed the paths from the pipelines to the spigot locations, and discussed the logistics of each of the two paths. Nnenna, Alexi, and Sammy went to Nsawam. They first revisited the Water and Sanitation Committee to inquire about the training they provide to local water committees, and then stopped by the Ghana Water Company and Highway Company to obtain estimates of the prices of installing pipes across the road.

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