Friday, January 17, 2014

We're writing this from an internet cafe in Accra before Emma and Roshan leave on their flights out of Ghana! The past two days have been spent gathering information at Fahiako and Amanfrom, two communities near Obodan that have reached out to us for help. Fahiako's top request is the construction of a health clinic. This relatively isolated town lacks both clean water and electricity, but after talking to nurses at Pokrum Health Clinic near Obodan, we learned that it is entirely possible and even common to have clinics without electricity. As long as a borehole with clean water can be dug, the project could go forward. Currently, sick and injured community members have to walk of be carried for miles to the nearest clinic. The cell service is extremely spotty, and it is rare that a cab can ever be called. We are considering connecting the village with a professional chapter which has more resources and experience in the clinic area. We also talked with community members in Amanfrom, where the people requested easier and increased access to water. Currently a village of about 1,600 is subsisting off a small pool and a single hand-dug well. We surveyed the community  area and its water sources. Further consultation back at Columbia will determine whether and when we decide to help this community.

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