Thursday, August 8, 2013

Days 5 - 9: The Buildup

The past few days have been jam packed with activity at the project site. Our orders of polytanks and PVC piping have arrived in Obodan from Accra. The whole community pitched in to carry the tank to the slab site since the path was too narrow for the delivery truck.

One of our biggest challenges so far is rallying the community to dig the trenches. We had expected most of the trenching to be completed when we arrived but there had been some miscommunication in trenching depth, trenching location, and property concerns, so most of this past week has been dedicated to digging and redigging. Many community members understand the value of putting in a hard day's work to benefit the village, and so they have been helping gather others to pich in. Hopefully in the next couple days we can complete our necessary 1000 feet of trenching.


We are quite certain that this water distribution would not be on schedule were it not for a foreman named Ado. He is living in Obodan because he is working on a secondary school government project, but has the time to help us since his project has been delayed. His expertise in masonry, steelbending, electrician work, plumbing work, and borehole drilling have been vital to keeping our project's timeframe. Below we have the full team pictured:

Top row, left to right: Ado (foreman), Obanzu (taxi driver), Kelly (mentor), Leerang Mira
Bottom row, left to right: Kofi, Sammy (assemblyman), Lucas

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