Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Semi-mid-trip update and Team 2

Hey everybody, Team 2 (Clay, Nnenna, Lucy, Claire) just arrived yesterday, a week and half after the first team, so here's our semi-mid-trip update!

Construction of the latrine has been going very well- we're almost done with the first one, what we have left is mainly roofing, fitting the doors and finding the source-separation toilet seat to go in the latrine.  Seeing the structure standing, almost complete after months of discussing it and designing it was amazing! Though it was only a small concrete structure, it was somehow so... pretty. In addition to the near-completion of this latrine, the excavation for the second latrine's pit has also started.  Lauren, Milesh and Suraj have done a good job of getting materials together, getting the community engaged and moving progress along.

Today, as construction of the latrine continued, we began conducting a few water quality tests for the borehole water.  So far we've tested for some heavy metals (arsenic, aluminum, and a test for multiple-metal detection) and they've all appeared negative (or very very low concentration), which is good news.  We'll be doing some more tests for bacteria later, and sending samples to a lab for more accurate results. 

That's everything we have to say so far in a nutshell. We'll update again soon, hopefully with even more progress being made. 

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